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Datagran is the AI toolkit to make creative, optimized ad campaigns. We put machine learning and AI in every marketer and CEO’s hand. Datagran is the first media marketing toolkit to incorporate artificial intelligence to help brands unlock trapped value, cut marketing costs, save time—and boost productivity.

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Terms and conditions

The user needs to use the same URL for both campaigns, its own campaign and the campaign created on the adOptimizer. Such URL cannot be a dynamic URL. The user cannot create and run more than one campaign per week. The user should not create several similar campaigns using different accounts, the user has to use the same creatives and copy in both campaigns, (the one create on their own and the one created in adOptimizer). The user needs to give the adOptomizer team access to the platform where the campaign was created or where the ad is hold to confirm the campaign details (start date, campaign budget, copy, landing page and creatives), verify the performance of the user's campaign and redeem the price. This campaign is valid from 02/26/2018 to 04/26/2018. 

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with the Traffic Objective.

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Beat it twice and



Create a Facebook campaign

Upload your creative assets

Make your payment

Choose the traffic objective with the same parameters used in adOptimizer (same creative assets, same Facebook location).

Create a parallel campaign within Facebook

Claim your $10k in cryptocurrency or try again. If you beat adOptimizer a second time, you’ll win $20k in cryptocurrency.

The second and third runner up will win an iPhone X.

If you get your CPC lower than adOptimizer’s, you have two choices.

Second and third runners-up 

win an iPhone X

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